About Us

About Us
​It all started with a love for bath bombs.....

We always considered these to be luxury items with the cost of them being so high. We began our search for all these items at an affordable cost, so they could be something we could enjoy more often.

​Our aim now is to provide the same luxury yet affordable products to others.

​We have a wide range of handmade bath dusts, bath bombs, journals and personalised gifts, we also offer custom made hampers. We are always looking to add more scents and colours to the range and keep the website fully updated.

​There are different sets available, but you can also make your own hamper up from the 'HAMPER' section. You can choose your packaging and all the products to go in it.

​All of our bath products have cosmetic safety assessments to ensure they are safe to use and are cruelty free.

Bath bombs are now wrapped in compostable or recyclable materials and boxes are packed with biodegradable chips.

​Orders are available for delivery anywhere in the UK.