Information about our products

How do you use a bath bomb?
Simply run your bath and place the bath bomb in the water and enjoy the bath art. If you prefer a bath with bubbles add one of the foaming bath bombs to the water as its running.

How do you use the bath dust?
The bath dust is the same as a bath bomb just in dust form so you can sprinkle this under the running water or add it to the bath once its full if you like the bath art. Bath dusts are great if you like to get more than one bath out of a product, you can add as much or as little as you like.​

What is the best way to store bath bombs?
Keep the bath bombs in the packaging they arrive in until you are ready to use them. Avoid storing them in damp or humid places.​

Does the bath bomb have a use by / best before date?
All bath bombs have a use by date on the ingredients label. This is usually just under 12 months.​

Are the bath bombs suitable for sensitive skin?
If you have sensitive skin or haven't used a bath bomb before we would recommend starting with a bath dust so you can just add a little to your first bath to test.​

Can bath bombs be used during pregnancy?
We would always recommend asking a healthcare professional to check the ingredients before using during pregnancy.

Are the bath bombs suitable for infants?
Bath bombs are not recommended for under 3 years due to delicate skin.​

Do the bath bombs stain your bath or skin?
Bath bombs do not stain the bath but may leave some of the colour on the skin if touched while wet, this is only temporary and easily washed off with soap.​

What ingredients are used in the products?
All the ingredients used can be seen listed under each product and also on the packaging.​

Are any of the products tested on animals?
All the products and ingredients used are not tested on animals.

How long will my order take to deliver?
We aim to post all orders out within 1-2 working days from ordering. This may be slightly longer during busy times.
We use Royal Mail 1st and 2nd class standard delivery.

My order hasn't arrived, what should I do?
Please allow up to 3 days from dispatch for a 1st class order and 1 week​ for a 2nd class order to arrive. If the parcel still hasn't arrived email from the contact button on the home page.

I've just placed an order, can i add to it?
Send us an email as soon as possible. As long as your item hasn't been dispatched we should be able to add extra items to your box if it is still within the postage weight.