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Custom Reading Journal. Choose A Cover, Choose A Style.

Custom Reading Journal. Choose A Cover, Choose A Style.

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A reading journal to suit your needs. We have five different covers to choose from and three different styles. Each journal comes with a matching bookmark and is gift wrapped.

Style 1 Reading Log: A simple book journal with two sections where you can record up to 1320 books on your reading log (Date, Title, Author & Rating) and 880 books to read (Title, Author and a tick column for read).

Style 2 Extensive Journal: 1-25 TBR: To be read, each page has columns to write the title, author plus a tick box for when you've bought it and read it. Enough space for 275 books.
26-48 READING LOG: These pages have title, author, date and rating sections. You can record 276 books.
49-55 BOOK TRACKER: A bookshelf full of books that can be coloured in once you've finished a book, or write the title on the spine.
56-75 BOOK REVIEWS: You can write two reviews on each page.
76-92 FAVOURITE AUTHORS: A great place to list your favourite authors, first book read, best book and new releases.
93-96 QUOTES: A page full of thought bubbles for all of those quotes you loved.
97-100 BEST READS: A great way to wrap up your reading journal with pages to write down your best reads.

Style 3 Book Reviews: Page 1 Book challenge with books to colour in every time you have completed a book.
Page 2-6 Books to read where you can write down all the books you'd like (110 books)
Page 7-100 Book reviews. Title, Author, Review & Rating (376 book reviews).
A5 Journals printed on smooth 120gsm high quality paper with black wire coil binding.
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