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Paperback Novel Style 400 Page Reading Journal

Paperback Novel Style 400 Page Reading Journal

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Introducing our beautiful blue floral 400 page reading journal, a5 paperback novel style. This will look great on your bookshelf and should be the only book journal you'll ever need, you can record up to 1100 TBR books and 1200 books can be added to your reading log. There is also a book tracker, book reviews, favourite authors, quotes and best reads sections.

Key Features:

1-100 TBR: To be read, each page has columns to write the title, author plus a tick box for when you've bought it and read it.
101-200 READING LOG: These pages have title, author, date and rating sections.
201-225 BOOK TRACKER: A bookshelf full of books that can be coloured in once you've finished a book, or write the title on the spine.
226-275 BOOK REVIEWS: You can write two reviews on each page.
276-301 FAVOURITE AUTHORS: A great place to list your favourite authors, first book read, best book and new releases.
302-351 QUOTES: A page with thought bubbles for all of those quotes you loved.
352-375: BEST READS: A great way to wrap up your reading journal with pages to write down your favourite books.
376-400 NOTES: Lined paper for any other notes you’d like to make.
This journal is suitable for anyone looking to organize their reading habits. Whether you're an avid reader or just starting out, this journal is perfect for keeping your reading list organized. The convenient size of the reading journal makes it easy to carry around with you wherever your travels take you.

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